Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dancing the night away!

Dancing seems to happen around our house most of the day. You can drop by and find one of my two daughters dressed up in some dress up at any given time. You could even pop in say fifteen mintues later and find completely different outfits. I am so excited when for the millionth time to tie the back of Sydney's dress, really I am!

But tonight after dinner we all sat around and had fun with some music. The girls danced and Jacob and dad messed around with his phone/video camera. (Grandma watch out you may be getting to enjoy a new video.) Jackson sat and bounced, I think to the music, and enjoyed everyone having fun until it meant they landed on him. I hate that I wasn't able to capture the moment with a photo, but I am not sad to say I enjoyed the moment rather than try to have a good picture of it. I am blessed with four wonderful kids and it is nights like this that I want to stop time and keep them this way forever. However, I know that the person God has created them to be will be just as much joy . . . probably even more. So crank up the music and see how you can do ballet, ballroom dancing, and hip hop all at the same time! Who knew this non-dancer would have such groovin' children! If you watch carefully, you may even see the beat this non-rhythmed momma walks too. Just don't point it out or I might have to head back to the wall with the other flowers.

P.S. Yes, Jackson does wear clothes from time to time. I just don't take pictures for some reason when he has tem on.

My Breath of Fresh Air!

It has been a little hairy around these parts lately. We finally made it back to the pool, and I must say that except for the first fifteen mintues it was a welcomed afternoon. Sometimes life can be just a little much and I am thankful for those unexpected times when God breathes new life into you. I am so thankful that He does this not for any other purpose than to remind me of what life is really about. So whle my words may be few for this post, maybe my pictues might express how my lungs feel when they are full of God's sweet air.

Savannah's sweet smile! Melts my heart! My sweet Jackson's toes. Don't you just love them!

The gang I took home. Valerie wasn't photographed, but she added to the fun.

Harrrison and Jacob discussing the finer points of life.

Jen and her son Elijah. He is just a few weeks older than Savannah.

Tabitha hanging out. She is just a few months older than Jackson.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Because this one is so cute!

Don't forget to mute the music at the bottom!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just because he is so cute!

This was orginally from March 9, 2006. Jacob was not quite four years old. It is amazing how even three years later he is still the same yet so much older! By the way he still loves his gree beans.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 7 Months to Jackson!

What a joy to me are all 18 lbs of you! You make this mamma proud! You are loved!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Deliverer!

It was many years ago that God really impressed upon me how He used music to encourage me and uplift me in whatever circumstances. I guess right now I am not real sure of words to express my love for the Lord or what he means to me except through some songs that have really blessed me.

This one just hit me as I was spending sometime with the Lord tonight. I am waiting for his mighty hand to save and more importantly as I walk in freedom HE IS the rock on which I stand. I pray that you too know of God's mightiness (is that a word) in a personal and real way that is not found in the walls of a church, but deep within the walls of your heart!

I will wait for you to move for your mighty hand to save.
When the trouble waters rise You are my hiding place.

Your walls are salvation Your gates of praise
Your walls are salvation Your gates of praise
My deliverer, my deliverer, my deliverer is the Lord!

Who is like you mighty God?
Who can take me from your hand?
As I walk with you in freedom You’re the rock on which I stand.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It was the best of times . . .

Not sure if that really fits, but what a whirlwind of a week it has been! I celebrated my 34th birthday with my family and friends and that has made this a sweet part of this week. Patrick made me breakfast and gave me a gift from his heart . . . a bigger external hard drive for my pictures. Can he sweep me off my feet or what!?!?! I really am excited to have more space for all those pics I take of my four kiddos.

I got to take my four children to two different appointments to which I was asked at both "Which ones are yours?" I proudly claimed the all. I also got to go to Arlington to enjoy a quick visit with my grandmother who is about to move to New Braunfels. We had a blast in our quick two hour visit, or did we blast her small apartment with the activity of four kids. All I know is nothing was broken and I think we almost left it the way we entered. She is a trooper for putting up with us.

I also posted a sweet pic of my girlies dancing the night away from last night. There is always some kind of performance going on somewhere in our home. Sometimes it is for others and other times it is just a way of life! :) Isn't Savannah a hoot with those glasses. Jacob wasn't feeling the vibe that night. He is usually my hippest dancer of the bunch. Now we are headed into a busy weekend with a long list of to do's on my list. I am so thankful that I am blessed with a family whom I knows loves me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lord Move or Move Me! FFH

I can't find the words to pray, I'm a little down today Can You help me, Can You hold me?
I feel a million miles away, And I don't know what to say Can You hear me anyway?
What I need is for You to reach out Your hand You have taught me no matter what You'd understand

Lord move in the way, that I've never seen before Cause there's a mountain in the way and a lock on the door I'm drifting away, waves are crashing on the shore
So Lord move (move), or move me.

I've looked every where to find a simple peace of mind, I can't find nothing on my own
So I gotta leave myself behind, take up this cross of mine Give away everything I hold onto

Lord I know the only way is through this But Lord, I know I need You to help me do this

Lord move in the way, that I've never seen before Cause there's a mountain in the way and a lock on the door I'm drifting away, waves are crashing on the shore
So Lord move (move), or move me.

Out of this place of complacency ,To a place of fellowship with Thee
'Cause I am weak, but Lord, You are so strong
And You know it's been way too long It's been way too long

Lord move in the way, that I've never seen before
Cause there's a mountain in the way and a lock on the doorI'm drifting away, waves are crashing on the shoreSo Lord move (move)...,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Worth the 8 minutes to watch!

A friend of mine shared this with me. I am so glad she did. Enjoy so to speak! Don't forget to mute the muisc at the bottom before watching!


I was so excited to find out a friend of mine had joined the pool I was going to join this summer. We have enjoyed spending time together with our kids hanging out by the pool. I texted her that we were going and she let me know that she would be there too. We were in luck. It is more fun when you have some one to enjoy the pool with. Another friend also texted me to let me know that she too would join us with our kids at the pool. Then Patrick was so kind to meet us up there with pizza for dinner.

We had a great time and I am so thankful that we spend the money to enjoy this wonderful pool that is always clean when I show up and I can leave it and go home. I really love it in that favorite time of day between 3:00 and bedtime! :) All that to say we had a lot of fun getting chlorinated!

Sheri was so kind to hold Jackson for me while I gathered up the toys strown everywhere. She really looks tan next to my little one! Joshua is her middle son and the same age as Jake. In fact they were in a class for part of the year. Jacob was so cute when a girl showed up that was also in the same class. He excitedly exclaimed, "Hey I was in that class. I was Jacob". Joshua has an older and younger brother (also named Jacob).

Patrick help Jacob perfect the jumping dive off the board. Mom thought it was too much to do for him and lo and behold he got it. That is why dad gets to teach him how to be a boy and not mom. At least he is not doing flips as he dives any more.

I like to call this one "Groucho Marks". Savannah got into some chocolate cake while were not looking. Can you tell how I found out her sneaky act? Kayla and her are so cute together. She calls Kayla "Lala". Of course she is not the least photogenic don't you think!? :) (Kayla)

This is a miracle picture. Sydney would not let go of me in the shallow end only last summer. Then we lost the "flower" floaty. After she swam so well in the river by herself, I pushed her a little to jump off the diving board. She was hesitant,but by the end couldn't get enough of it. I could translate that to some spiritual implications. . . but I'll keep this about the pool.

This is Keeli's version of a dive. Love it! Takes after her mama! :) Love you Cindy!

Okay, not at the pool but isn't this a cute photo? :) Be blessed today!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The River

What a treat we had this weekend. Our family got to spend the weekend at the Guadalupe River. Not only were my parents and brother and his family there, but Pat's brother, wife, and kids were there. It made for a lot of fun in a lot of places. We sat in the river, rode the river, fished the river, and made great memories in the river.

Patrick has really enjoyed fishing in the river. No one was too keen on joining him except Sydney. Lucky her that she decided to join him because she caught her first fish. It was pretty and sparklely. Jacob got to spend the week with Ken and Anne and we met up at the river to bring him home. It was so nice of them to let him come. Both boys were a little tired of each other by the end of the week. But I know they had fun together.

Mom and Dad cooked us up some fried fish and fried okra. I haven't eaten like that in a while and boy was it good! Sandeigh was so sweet to make me some pies for my birthday and I enjoyed every bite. I was sad when I realized I left one piece of cherry pie behind. By the way I am also going to have to get her oatmeal chocolate chip recipe. They were heavenly!

Sydney and her dad fishing around all the people on the river.
Mom and dad have found the perfect spot to hang out and watch the action. It was a lot of fun watching the kids swim and be thrown by Uncle Ryan. We could even watch them ride the rapids in the tube.

Of course who doesn't need to see a sweet picture of my Jackson. That boy melts my heart!

The girls loved to play princess. I don't think there was a moment where they didn't have a doll in hand. Grandma even let them bring them down to the river! What fun for them!

I think my favorite part of the weekend was spending time with people I love. I have been very blessed to have such a great family. We laugh a lot and somehow always find a way to sit around and enjoy musical instruments together. Thanks to the talent in the family I will be singing the Pink Panther theme song. Now you can sing it with me! Of course now one of my favorite places to get ice cream is Freddie's. We managed to squeeze it in twice. I also had a first. The first time I took a tub ride down the river in the dark. What an adventure. Thanks for the memories!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What makes me smile . . . inside and out:

Life is hard. I was talking to a friend the other day about this. She so sweetly reminded me about the fact that we are in a fight for our faith. In the Bible it talks about "Fighting the good fight." Ugh. Sometimes I wonder what I signed up for. I want an easy breezey life with no care in the world. Okay, I know that there is no such thing for anyone on this planet but it would seem nice, right? If I stop for a moment and think about what happens when you take away the bad things we would rather do without in life, I think I would not appreciate my life as much that I have. You can't understand how good something is if you have no experiences witht the bad.

My heart is heavy and I am struggling. Struggling with trusting God to be who He says He is. The struggle is not that I don't believe it, but can I make this choice now to walk where He says walk even when it doesn't make sense. What I am learning though, even when it all hits the fan and I am not sure I have the strength to fill my lungs with life giving breath . . . He is. He is my breath, He is my strength, He is. Okay . . . I feel a song coming on! :) He Is. In fact you are listening to it right now! Thank you Playlist!

I love it when I feel like I have just come up with the most profound understanding of God and then I realize . . . the Bible expresses that very same understanding. I guess that is what it means by a timeless truth. A book that can reach the very deep recess of our souls and touch that which longs to be touched by our loving Father. I am being touched deeply at this moment and it is enough. Even though He is choosing to change me rather than my situation, it is enough!

Right now I want to cry at the thought of a current situation. I want to gnash my teeth, rip my sack cloth . . . okay maybe not the last two parts, but I am utterly enlarging my faith in God with each passing moment. While pondering the Truth that will propel me into my next moment, I just happened to be looking at my blessing that gets me through some moments. While you may only see the cutest picutures of the cutest kids :), I see God's faithfulness to sustain me. He is my hope for each situation I go through. He is what gives me what I need to make it. Without him oh the thought of what my life would be!

Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!
P.S. Jacob is not pictured, because he is in College Station. I love him just as much, but can't photograph him this week. We miss you bud, but know you are having a blast! Also not sure why the girls think they can't love on the littlest Fogle without squishing him! Hang in there bud. One day you will be bigger than them!