Friday, September 7, 2007

Whew . . . See my grin?

I love to make entries often and then I don't have as much to share since the last post. We got to go visit my in-laws in Bryan this weekend. It started off as a reunion trip for Pat's outfit in the corp, but turned into a trip to see his brother. It is always fun to get together with Ken and Anne and their two kids, Jayson and Sophie. By the end of the weekend Sydney had no problem talking to her "Uncle Ken","Aunt Anne", Jayson and "Soph". We had great food, fun at the pre-game stuff, and a neat commisioning service for the worship leader at their church.

I love going to visit, the trip down is filled with excitement and wonder over what we will do. The ride home is so long and full of dread going back to a life that hasn't stopped while you were gone for three days. So I am still trying to get laundry, food, dishes, and such to get back to pre-trip days and behave like I know they can. Another crazy part of life is that this MOPS group I am a part of is about to get started and boy are there lots of details. I think it will be a great year.

Tonight I got to help get a float ready for the West Texas Fair and Rodeo parade. They boast it being one of the biggest of its kind. We have a flatbed trailer filled with playground equipment and sand boxes. I'll post pictures later. Anyway, just hanging out with those gals just make me happy. In fact on the way over their I realized how truly blessed I am.

It has been a struggle for me to really get to a place where I am happy with the relationships I have closest to me. In fact that I have the friendships I have, truly amazes me. I love that people know the me that isn't always happy, or dressed to the nines (like that ever happens) and they seem to enjoy me anyway. One of my sweet friends mentioned that she knew my warts (my common way to describe those less than perfect parts) and liked me anyway. I love that God has shown me who I am, and while I won't ever strive to be a better person or have a deeper relationship with Christ I am truly okay with me! What a freeing thought to know that I am known, truly known by people and I have not been abanonded. My greatest fear, now exposed for what it is a lie. I will never be abandoned by God and people like me without my bells and whistles.

I also can just look at the family picture I am posting and it doesn't even take a millisecond for a huge grin and a full heart to consume me. I love my kids and more importantly I am in love with my husband and father to my kids. We have always loved each other, but I am definetly in love with him more today than I have ever been. I have learned that even when I want to strangle that round little (big for those that really know him) head of his, there is nothing I want more for things to be right between us. I have arrived to that cliche period in marriage where I think I am almost too sappy for me. But I digress, He is a great man who is more patient with me than I will ever deserve and seems to spend a great deal of time making things easier for me. Albeit they have to do with music, computers, networking and wireless connections but boy do I noticed how spoiled I have been when I have to go without some of the conviences he has afforded me. :)

I haven't even touched on new school memories, new soccer tales, or my baby girl's new milestones. I guess that will be for another post. I have to go to bed so I can pull my girlies in a wagon in the parade. What fun we will have in Abilene tomorrow. I get to be a soccer mom for the first time. I hope I don't embarass myself! :)