Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love my home!

First of all I need a follow up to the post about Jake's tooth. It was less than two hours before that thing popped out . . . not sure if it was ready because I KNOW it couldn't have been my melt in your mouth pot roast he had for dinner?!?!?

Now to what I have found to be such a treasure. We took down most of the chain link fence that made our yard feel so small about a month ago. What freedom I have found with direct path to the outdoor fun. Sydney loves flowers. She picks them whenever she gets a chance. So I thought she would enjoy planting some wildflowers that she could pick whenever she wanted. It may be too late, but we'll see what happens!
Anyway, I have beed determined to get Jake riding his bike without training wheels, yet uncertain as to how to do it. Over the weekend, I saw he was able and just needed a little pushing. So this afternoon it was my mission to get that boy training wheel free! So off to work on his "project". (Sydney picked the neighbors wild flowers while Jake rode his bike.)

After a few helps, he slowly but surely got it and ended the fun(mostly mine) with a ride down to the end of the cul de sac. I was so proud . . . unfortunately he had a fall on the way back and the chain fell off so he had to walk it back. But I see more bike rides in the future. Way to go Jake! While he rode, I popped the two younger ones in my trailer and Jackson had his first trailer ride. That will be my moment of shining glory when all five of us can go for a ride together! Hopefully by the end of the summer.

So then we took a break and while I was reading with Jake, I looked up and saw this . . . too precious! Jacob noticed it was getting cooler outside, so we played out there on the fort while we waited for Patrick to get home. I think at least three times while were outside that Jacob commented on how much fun it was to be outside. So we decided to eat out there. I must confess I really don't normally post many pictures of me, but two reasons compel me too: Sydney or Jacob took it and I also love the feeling I get looking at the kids. I think it reflects my feelings for them as best as a picture could or just a glimpse at how much I enjoy them. Jackson loved swinging in the swing and it was so nice to hang out and have fun as a family.

I had to include a couple of bonus shots. One was a priceless heirloom sprinkler that I thought several people in my family might get a kick out of seeing that it is still used . . . everyday at our house in fact. The second is the one of Patrick holding Jackson. First I have to say how thankful I am that he would be hold him for a moment to give me a break. What I thought was cute is how drastically differnt he and I hold that little one. One more way that men and woman are so different!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had such a nice visit over the Easter weekend. My brother, Ryan, and his family came along with my parents and grandma, and a friend of Patrick's from college . .. Patrick. They all came to be a part of Jacob's baptisim. We had fun letting the kids hang out and eat lots of food. I even got a cherry pie made by my thoughtful sister-n-law, Sandeigh. I think I gained five pounds that weekend. It is amazing how fast time flies. I guess they were all only here for about 24 hours and we filled it up. Baseball, pizza, and yes more food. I am so appreiciative that they would drive out to see us. It is fun to see how much Delilah and Jackson are growing up. I think they are a difference of about 3 ounces in weight. She definetly had Jack beat on the height. She is a doll and I love her big smile! Here are some other photos from our time together.

Patrick and his little aggie! Jack and Delilah What a cutie in a tie!

Mom brought the girls matching dresses. Sydney is defintely into being a big cousin. She loved holding her little cousin!

Bathtime is all fun and games until a big bottle of bubble bath falls dangerously close to Jackson's head and then it's just a screaming good time!

Uncle Ryan sure knows how to entertain three active kids at one time! I am sure he is worn out after visiting us!

John and Pat enjoyed his computer keyboard thingy! I am amazed how they can make that thing sound good. I felt like we had our own private band playing for us the whole time!

Dad doing what he does best!

This was bought when Savannah was born. I believe Jack is just a little to small for this! His face says it all!

Speed Posting #2

As I went to upload the photos for the post about Jake's loose tooth, I realize how much I have to update on this blog. So much for the normal human brain to consume in one sitting, so here goes my attempt at speed posting.

Spring Performance: I know I posted videos, but here are the actual still shots of the evening.

Had to include the one of Jackson playing with the Savannah's purse. I guess this is bound to happen when you have two older sisters!
The girls ready before the show. I was so excited (can't remember if I am duplicating that post a month ago) that I showed up before the teachers. They both looked so cute and grown up. Where has the time gone!?!?!?!
Sydney and Keeli ready before the show. By the way Cindy, the party theme has changed . . . it is now a Princess and Pauper theme at your house. . . the date September 13th. Just wanted to give you heads up about the ever pressing birthday party plans.What sweet gals are they! Sydney finally saw me fromt the stage and gace this huge wave. Savannah as the tiger. Can't you hear the "Roar"?

Savannah singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

The girls with their sweet music teacher Ms. Katie. I can't believe how bad I botched this photo. You can't even see their teacher and it is not because I love my kids that much!

Another milestone moment!

I can't believe it is finally here! I have been wondering if this time would come seeing as Jacob is almost seven. It finally started to wiggle loose yesterday and it will be gone anyday now. I know it hasn't fallen out yet, I am sure I will post about that too, but the fact that he is growing up so fast blows me away. (It is the right center tooth in case you can't tell. I bet that was the first one that came into his mouth . . . how poetic!)

I was talking to a friend about their first child and how so much changes with a new baby . . . only one. I remember being home and not working, kind of feeling guilty that Pat went to work and I got to be home and just hang out. Now with three more kiddos added to the mix, I can't believe how I get to just "hang out" while Patrick goes to work. It is amazing how three more kids can make that phrase so differnt.

I am enjoying the highs and lows of being a mom and couldn't be more proud of the young man who is growing up so quickly before my eyes. I guess we will always have a special relationship since he is my first. My first child to experince all the joys of parenting and the first one I will apologize to for all the ways I might have inhibited his success as an adult. I hope there won't be too many scars from me!

Anywho, here is a snippet of the joy that my oldest daughter Sydney has become. Love the outfit and so thankful I can let her be her, even if she has on yellow socks with that turtleneck, spring dress, and pink boots. Mind it is supposed to be in the 80s today! Is this a photo I can utilize in the future? :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting what I needed and not what I asked for!

I am not gifted with words, some may say here that I am gifted with a quanity . .. not so much quality. May God open your heart to hear his, not my lack of verbal clarity!

You know in my life I have found that sometimes I am so focused on what tomorrow brings that I miss out on the day ahead of me, the moment I am in. I have pleaded with the Lord to allow my faith to sustain me until . . . fill in the blank. Well, this last week He answered a really big need of mine or so I thought. I really imagined that it would feel different, to have the answer I begged and pleaded for. The ironic thing is that it has left me feeling flat and disappointed. I wanted to be able to say, "Look how God has been faithful!" to anyone who came my way. Right now I feel like I need to regroup and figure out what it is that has come up making feel this way.

Don't get me wrong. God has been so faithful, but in a way I really didn't expect. I didn't get the goosebumps, I didn't get the "experience" . . . at least not how I really wanted it. I really haven't told many people, but God reached out and touched me. About three months ago, I was at a crossroads. I had to choose to allow him to be my all or let go of this craziness of walking in my faith. I couldn't have it both ways. I couldn't wait on His timing and expect my instant needs to be satisfied. I had to choose.

Well, I did. I chose Him. What did he do in return? Well, first of all even as I type this He healed me. He healed the most precious thing in this world to me . . . my heart. My heart was broken, bruised, tattered, torn, you name it I was there. I didn't have any way to make it one more day, but even up until that day He picked up my foot to allow me to take each step. One step at a time, He held me. I had asked all the right people for help . . . desperate for someone to help me. I couldn't understand God's seeming silence to my heart's cry . . . but He still lifted my foot one step at a time. So when I thought I couldn't go one more day, He showed up in a way that I could see how He had been there right where I needed.

Wow, even know as I type I am so moved by the way He swept in took every broken piece of my broken heart and didn't just put it back togehter, he restored it. He touched me in such a way, that it was an act of God. It has been such a special time of healing and personal interaction with the God who created me, I really didn't want it to end. The great thing is hasn't. Some days I my eyes can't see due to a passing cloud or two, but He is ever near and ever tending to me. Me. In my house, at my kitchen table, typing on my blog my God is right here.

I started this entry, some what sadden by the way my answered prayer left me feeling. What I am leaving with is that unbeknownst to even me He answered a more pressing prayer that I had been begging for so much longer, three months earlier. Our pastor has talked so much about pursuing God for what he gives and missing out on the greastest blessing, God Himself. Well, Eureka! I can honestly say that the greatest blessing I could ever receive is more God. My God He was My God He is My God will always ever be (Arron Shust).

God you have shown me that what I truly desire is more of you. Sometimes you show up in restored relationships, but what I am appreciating tonight is you show up to meet with me. To tell me you understand and you are right here. You are my greatest anwered prayer. You are my breath, my heartbeat. Thank you for not answering all my requests in the way I request them . Thank you for answering my heart cries that I don't even understand. "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes fo us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:26-28

May you be blessed by just expereincing Him today and everyday!