Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome Everly Faith!

Just had to post a welcome to the newest member of my friend Rebekah's family. Her baby girl, Everly Faith, was born today weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 oz. It was so fun to see her today at the hosptial. Rebekah even let me pose her for some great photos. I'll let her be the first to post that. I was so glad to share her joy today, but I missed her energy that we share when we chat. She was so tired from the long day (who could blame her . . . and the drugs) and all I wanted to do was play with her and her new baby. In good time she will probably be ready to "play again". So God answered our prayers by giving her a healthy beautiful baby girl that looks just like her daddy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Walking on Sunshine!

I had so much fun today. I am not sure what it was except I am a blessed woman. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it is all for real. I was trying to figure out what is special about now that has not been present at other times. For the most part I feel blessed almost everyday, but today I am walking on sunshine. My friends say I overkill the song interjections in my day to day life and I guess that would be a great example of overkill! :)

Where to start? I realized that having a contract on both houses means I can really start packing. I also realized with saddness that I won't be able to treat myself to a Golden Chick Cream Chees Kolache when we move because it won't be near as convient! My thighs and rear will miss the extra padding, but I won't! I also realized that when I joked last fall about letting go of a new car and new house dream, because God had other things in mind at the time . . . that God did have other things in mind. I struggle with feeling a little spoiled right now. I mean a new car and a new house in less than nine months? But then I realize that I have ask God for these things and it has been on His timing that He has provided them.

Which leads me back to the beginning of my blog. What else could I possibly need! My marriage is finally getting to a comfortable rhythm. Let's see, only eight years of desperate praying for that. A nicer vehicle than the one we were overwhelmingly blessed with, only one year for God to drop that in our lap. Then this house . . . I have only started the search less than 6 months for that. Patrick my say it has been a long six months for him physically, but me the most agonizing has been in the last 60 days or so! :-) All great blessings, but a lot of what I learned during this time has been knowing of God's goodness up until the day before He answered my prayers. It is like once I see Him for who He is it is almost better than the request being answered. I know that may sound cheesy, but it so true. The journey to knowing more about God's heart for me has been the most precious life stablizing jewel in the midst of all these physical blessings.

SO, now to my day. I was so excited that I found the bedding that will please both Jacob and me for his new room on Sudance and the best part of my day was getting a comforter that I thought was sold out still available at the store in our town. The cream de la crem . . . I got it for $70 cheaper than online because I misread a sign! How silly that this excites me so! So, I am ready to paint now! All seems to be going together in my life because of simple bedsheets, and now my life seems to fall into place. (Not really, but you get my point).
May I find the joy each and every day in the journey of the life that I live. May all those I encounter know who gives me my joy! May God bless you as He has me!