Saturday, September 26, 2009

Twirling, Balloons, and Pure Cuteness!

Two posts, one day . . . on a roll!

Jackson, oh one of the four little loves of my life! He has such a sweetness about him. I really have a hard time getting him to respond when my camera can catch him showing it. I did it today. Caught one of the best glimpses into that sweet soul of my little boy. What a blessing!
Savannanh is my singer. She will sing a song before she even knows the words or how to even say them. I love that she loves to sing with me in the car or even as seen in the picture. I am so tickled I caughter her singing her heart out and twirling around the room as she sings. What a gal!
Lastly, some of us headed out to one of my one of my favorite Abilenenian events. . . the Balloon Fest. I worked volunteering so I couldn't go the first night, but we made plans to go on Saturday. Unfortunately, Sydney wasn't feeling well so Patrick stayed home with her. Jackson, Savannah, Jacob, and I had fun on the inflatables, eating fun food, riding the train, meeting up with old friends, and watching the glorious balloons. I will enjoy the day when I can watch without having to worry about someone running off or going where they aren't supposed to go. Here are some of my attempts to show the beauty of these massive balloons. The way the light falls on them is so unbelievable. Then right next to the yellow one you can see the moon. It is moments like this that I am amazed that God has given someone the ability to understand what I could not even on my most intellegent day explain to my seven year old son. He wanted to know if he could not operate the fire next year at the glow event. Gotta love his simplistic heart!

Four Kids.

Life is at a full blur right now. I am just now finding time to sit at the computer to update this. It might have been our last trip to the river, the start of school, ballet, or football, probably too many things to mention here. But I am now getting to sit down and share some of what has been going on around here.

Sydney started up ballet again and seems to not have missed a step. A friend is in her class and that has made it even more fun. It makes carpooling something I am learning how to love.

Sydney also celebrated her fifth birthday. This was her year to celebrate and I am so glad we (I) survived another party. Wow, I am amazed how those things can challenge me.

We had Jacob's first flag football game today. While I didn't get to enjoy all of it like Ihad planned due to scheduling/parking technicalities, he seemed to enjoy himself on the field. I love watching my kids enjoy things.

There is so much to share but I just wanted to start with today in hopes that I might return to my more frequent posts. I know how much I enjoy other's posts, however mine don't have anything to do with stitches, clowns, great finds, basically the posts of my local blog peeps here in Abilene. Thank you for allowing me to see in your worlds, even if it is not on a regular basis.