Thursday, October 23, 2008

Watch this!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Okay . . . I'll stop one day

This is one of the first videos I ever saw having to do with Christ and man I think I bawled through it, just amazed at the truth. May you be blessed by the early years of a great man named Micheal W. Smith. I wanted a vest like his so bad . . . I am truly a groupie! This is Secret Ambition

Greg Long . . . Love those pretty blues!

Oh the days of Greg Long and Margret Becker . . . . was anyone else alive way back then? I had fun remembering my favs on itunes. Thanks for hooking me up to that place Rebekah! This post is for you . . . maybe I can find some other classics to post!!!! :) Watch Out!

MOPS Convention

This was my fourth year to go and by far my favorite because I got to go with some good friends. We had a blast staying up later than some of our usual bedtimes, eating some really good food, and enjoying some great speakers, singers and shopping.

I got to meet one of my first favorite Chrisitan singers while we were there. Greg Long was the guy I would watch when they would show contempory music videos on TBN or something like that. I think it was pretty radical for that many years ago. I really remember Greg to be right up there while I enjoyed other favorties of that era . . . Al Denson, Wayne Watson, of course Steven Curtis Chapman. Of course he is married now and a part of Avalon, another group I have enjoyed through the years. Of course I jammed to Go Fish like I do every year and have since "enjoyed" so to speak their cd with my kiddos. Savannah particuarly likes "If you are happy and you know

it" while Syd favors "Five Little Monkeys"It was at the Gaylord in Grapevine and these hotels are always so beautiful. I think I have been to everyone. At this one they have the golden cowboy and it cracks me up to watch all these moms innocently go have their picture made with the cool statue, when actually it is this 20 year old boy painted gold. We posed for fun. I forgot to mention we got to see the movie "Fireproof" (see promo at bottom of blog) and wow, what a great movie fromt he message to the the story to the fact that another blast from the past was in it . . . Kirk Cameron. Man do I feel old drooling over these now men who used to be the cutest or had the prettiest blue eyes. Am I forty yet or what?

Monday, October 20, 2008

While Jacob is at school . .

I do still have a son, it seems he just doesn't make the photo cut since he is gone from 7:00 until almost 4:00 everyday. But while the boys do their thing, us girls have our own fun. Savannah is absolutely in love with her shoes. She will always gladly let me put them on for her, even if that is all she has on. You know I think I let Jacob run around in only his diapers way more than the girls. Not sure if it is because he is a boy or if it because they are girls, probably neither. Anyway. I didn't even realize what I had done until a friend pointed it out to me when she checked on her while she was napping. My poor child. Hopefully she won't be too scarred for life, but she does look comfy in her napping state!
It is hard when you don't stock many snacks in the house, for obivious reasons. . . I eat them. However this can be most difficult when you get a pregnancy craving and no real way to satisfy it. I lucked out and on this day decided to make my craving a special time with Sydney. I managed to scramble up enough ingrediants to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Half way through I remembered the aprons I got her and Jake for Christmas. Do I look like mom of the year or what!?!?!?

By the way, someone mentioned I hadn't posted in a while and I am now wondering if they were truly ready for me to catch up in a day!?!?!

My Two Girlies!

I was able to snap some photos for a girlfriend of mine, so of course I tried to get a couple of mine. Not the easiest task, but here are my two favorite.

Sydney is 4 years and Savannah is almost 19 months.

Our fun day at the zoo

I asked a couple of girlfriends to meet me with their kids at the zoo. I knew we had to get out of the house to help my sanity and the girls entertainment needs, so I was glad Cindy and Jen brought all their brood. Jen has three, almost four like me, and Cindy has her two girls the same age as my girls age.
I think fun was had by all and poor Cindy and Jen got to hear me chit chat about this and that. Keeli, Cindy's daughter, was so cute asking Jen if she had a baby in her tummy and then asking me. I laughed and told Cindy she better be careful who she asks because she kind of lucked out with most of us being pregnant. Sure enough, Cindy told me later that Keeli asked if she had a baby in her tummy . . . Cindy is one of those people who definitely does not look like she has a baby or one ounce of fat on her for that matter. Gotta love kids!

Poor Savannah kept walking off with this other pack of moms and I kept losing her in the crowd. By the end I think they were used to her being a part of their crowd. It was not my finest moment as a mom who watches over her little ones close enough. Thank goodness we are in Abilene.

My Ballerina

I have so enjoyed watching Sydney blossom in her love of ballet. She wasn't so excited on the first day in her new ballet school, but she has quickly fallen in love with her teacher and class. She is always showing me a new move here or there in ballet attire or even her street clothes. We are approaching the annual Nutcracker Ballet here in town and she is beside herself with excitement. She got a envelope addressed to her for the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea and while we aren't going to go this year, she will no doubt "allow" me to take her in the future.

By the way Melissa, if you are reading this, she expects you to attend the Nutcraker with us even though you live four hours away now. I have included last years picture since I think I never actually posted it . . . moving, remodeling, babies excuses excuses I know!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Syd! Late I Know . . . Sept 13

One of Sydney's birthday treats was to take her to get her nails painted at Ms. Cindy's place. It was so fun and she thought she was so special. Ms. Cindy not only painted her nails, she gave her polka dots on top of that. I am so blessed to have this precious little one in our home. I pray that God gives me wisdom to raise her so she won't ever forget how much she is truly loved by her Father! And yes, even after her many many opportunties she provides to build my character as a mother, I would never change one part of this most lively member of our family . . . okay maybe my response! :)

Delilah is Here!

We welcomed her here on her birthday, October 14th at 1:01 pm. I believe she weighed between 5lb 9oz and 6lbs depending on when she was weighed, measuring 19 1/2 inches long. She is a beautiful combo of her daddy and mommy and this aunt couldn't be any prouder. The girls and I drove down there to meet her for a quick trip and it was well worth the 8 hours on the road. I love being able to share this experience with my brother and while he has already been a great dad to two great boys for almost 6 years, I know this newest addition will quickly let him wrap around her little finger!

Congrats, Ryan and Sandeigh!

Had to add this last picture of sweet Sydney. She was so proud to hold her new cousin. This picture is a small glimpse of how desperately she wasnted to kiss that little face, buy knew better because mom said stay away from her face. I am sure she will be ready to smother Jackson with kisses when he comes. Priviledges of being a sibling verses just a cousin.