Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am a little impressed, if I do say so myself!

I am not into do it yourself projects. When we painted our tiny bathroom in our old house (brush your teeth while your shower taking care of other business small) I realized that it just went too slow. With that being said, I never could find a light for our ktichen that made me want to buy it. So I thought I would try to repaint one on my on. I got it at the restore with globes for under $25. Can of spray paint and a little help from my husband to hang it and it is done. If only they were all this easy. So am now a happy camper not looking at the ugly brass one that has hung here since we moved on. Now I guess I need to get back to laundry and plain old house cleaning. The other things I don't find my passion in! :)

The light that has caused the source of many problems . . . okay maybe not all that but I really don't like it!The purchased light. Here is the point in which I wonder if I am crazy or will I really like it.The new globes I got for 50 cents each!Hanging in the garage waiting to dry. By the way, I also figured out how hard it is to take pictures of these kind of lights. The pictures don't make me feel as happy as I do when I acutally look at the light over the table.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What a start!

While working on setting up the kids's new awesome puppet theatre upstairs, I had the iphone shuffling my music library. I was so taken back by a song that came on I had to listen to it twice. It was by Wayne Watson. Wow, talk about a flash back. It took me back to those days in high school, when I was a little obnoxious (understatement) with my faith. I still remember borrowing a video tape from my youth minister David with some christian music videos on it that forever changed my genre of favorite music. We are talking early 90s. Micheal W. Smith . . . Amy Grant. . . Bruce Carrol . . . Al Denson . . . and of course Wayne Watson.

It is funny the things I remember, how crooked his teeth were in the Long Arm of the Lord video. That cool vest Micheal W Smith wore in Secret Ambition, but I digress! But above all those silly things, I remember how the music moved me then in my young walk as a believer. I remember wishing I had a singing voice so I could share some of these awesome songs that really spoke to my heart with those at chuch because those songs touched me so. But alas, my shower and car is where they were mostly shared.

Music and songs are to my journey with the Lord are like a photograph for me in a picture album. I will never forget one particular album of Micheal W. Smith's that I listened to on a mission trip with my choir from church. I guess you get the picture, no pun intended. I was really needing a sweet embrace if you will from God tonight and I got it, in the form of a song. So, to really mark this time that I felt as if God were sitting next to me in my car tonight, I will share the words of a song that really meant a lot in high school . . . and even tonight.

Every Now and Again (Wayne Watson)
It's good to be lonely every now and again
To be parted from the ones you adore
To sit at a table for two all alone
And take a look at the world around you
At people with no one to go home to
Some with a place to belong
Others consumed by their weakness
And another when weak seems so strong

Lord, let me be at peace wherever I am
Satisfied with all I have--A faithful friend
And know I am grateful
Cause if it makes me love you even more
I know--I'm sure
It's good to be lonely every now and again

It's good to go down to defeat now and then
To fail at some nobel pursuit
To fall short of the prize
And find in His eyes
There's nothing your victory can do
To secure higher favor
He cannot love you more than now
Winners and losers
All are the same somehow

And it's good to know sorrow
To be closely acquainted with grief
To be showered with tears
No reason to cheer
To find in Christ your only relief

I am finding in my life the removal of excess reveals the true acess I have with the one who loves me most. May I press into him and see all he has given instead of what I think I need.