Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The silence ends . . .

It has been quite a few months. I was following another gal's blog and felt like she said what I had been feeling very well. Life has been happening, however it is not much I can share.

So, I think that life is slowing down enough that I might be able to begin to blog.

We sold our house, moved, and now are settling in to a wonderful place. I sit in the living room and still after two months I can't believe we are here. We had thought that building was the way to go, but I am amazed at how God's hand was all over these last few months. We just found out that the lot we wanted to build on was $20 more a square foot that anticipated. Our house is $40 less a square foot and that just amazes me. God so far exceed my expectations in so many ways!

God is still just as faithful as He ever has been, because that is who He is. I am more in love with Him than I thought I could be and wondering still how He could feel about me like He does. That is where I am at . . . in a journey to know HIm more. In that journey I am learning so much about myself. I hope to share more now that I feel like I have the freedom to tell what my God is doing.

Now off to get ready for a Christmas party . . .