Monday, July 30, 2007

Jacob's New Adventure

It's done. I have committed and I can't believe the journey we are about to embark on. Okay, so I am being a little overdramatic. Jacob is officially signed up for soccer. We asked him if he wanted to play and he told me, "But Mom, I don't know how to play!" It wasn't until I showed him a video clip on the internet of a soccer match that he realized he did want to play. He asked Patrick if he could have a yellow shirt and Patrick told him he would have to wait for the coach to decide. He was ready to start playing today. On the technical aspect I am weary of a game every Saturday, but I think Jake will enjoy it along with his first year of school. I am sure I will have many stories to share in the future. I included this pic of him in all his glory of a superhero at Six Flags. He is truly fearless so I am sure he will have a great time at this new adventure. More to come later!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Is July Over Already?

Is it bad that I wait to post on my blog until I have my pictures ready? My husband finally got this where I have access to it and this is a perfect example of my future! My son is "cheesing" his face into a wild contortion, Sydney is smiling but what she is looking at I'll never know, and Savannah can't tell a human from a wall (only because she hasn't reached that development yet). Inspite of that they make a great photo, don't you think?

It has been a whirlwind of a month and I am not even sure why. Between trips to the river, trips to the pool, and trips all around Abilene summer will be over before I know it. It has been good though. I have had the honor of teaching 12 wonderful children about the Lord for six short weeks. My Belarusians have left and I have been pondering the impact they have on me when they visit for such a short time. I am amazed that they have so easily allowed us to love on them and each year it gets better and better. I always feel like I could have shared more with them on how to trust God in such a dark place, but I know utimately that what I share has little to do with what God opens their eyes to. I pray that it is how deep, how wide, how high is the love He has for them (that reminds me of a Wes King song, oh and a verse in a book called Romans). It was a sad day to send them home on the 20th, because some go to a children's home with no family to hug them each night and remind them of the great things that make them who they are.

To close out the month, my friend and our five kids headed to NRH20 for a day of fun. As we drove the three hours it took us in her fully loaded (with children) suburban, I joked with her that we were crazy to go without our husbands. But, we prevailed! Thanks to some help from my mom we were able to have a great day. Sydney told her dad that we went to the swimming park and saw the ocean! She had a great time as did Jacob! Savannah enjoyed her one on one time with Grandma and I had a blast making some fun memories with a great friend and her kids. What will August hold? In some ways it is an adventure each day to see what it will bring. I wish that I could always view it that way.

We had this increidble lady named Shampa Rice (I think) come and speak to our church about rest. It spoke to me that I don't not do anything enough(yes that is how it is supposed to read), especially with my kids. It is so easy to go and do, and boy like today that is all we did! But how often do I just "be" with them and have no agenda, no mission to accomplish. As it is with my time witht the Lord. How often am I remided of how I act like a child with my God. What patience He has with me! May God show you of His great love for you as He does so often through out each day for me!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Savannah Smiles

Well, my baby girl is finally laughing at my weak and futile attempts to make her giggle. I was kissing her ear and she would just let out this gutteral sound that even entertained her daddy for a moment. Of course as soon as we get the video camera out, all she wants to do is talk.

Sydney and Jake survived another day stuck indoors because of the rain, and I survived too! we bought this little house like tent for them to enjoy and I think they would have moved their beds in with them if I would have let them. I knew they would have fun pretending, just not how much. Maybe the pool will call our name tomorrow.

We are in the process of saving up to buy ourselves and newer car. It is so much fun as we get closer to our goal, but I must admit when I see one that is in the end price range I want to go and pick it up yesterday. A little premature I know, but I am so excited to see that the car I want and have been having many a conversations with the Lord about is going to be out there and ready. It is really werid since we are doing the car payment before actually buying the car to not really have to worry about financing. Oh, how tempting the financing is for me. I think about my babies and realize it so worth the wait. Who knows, we may just get to go visit our family when checking out our future car. It is nice to have family in so many different cities.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have a geat friend who has a blog for her family, so I thought I might try my hand at this for our family . . . or maybe my sanity. I just got a video camera for my birthday and thought this might be a great place to post, but it may not even work. I'll have to ask my computer geek (Patrick)the low down.

It is the second full week of July, I have three kids and life seems to be full of action. I hate that this recent rainy weather has gotten me into crazy mommy mode, but I seem to be slowly recovering. We finally got to go swimming today and low and behold my J-Dog can jump off the diving board and swim to the side (like a little lab dog) all by himself. I was such a proud momma bear. Sydney did her own amazing trick by jumping off the ladder step two inches into the water. Such a huge accomplishment since a few weeks ago she wouldn't let go of me in the pool to save her life.

Savannah continues to make my heart flutter. She really is into the sound of my voice and it can make her smile so big, my day is almost complete. She loves to be held and I must admit I really don't mind holding her. It gives me a moment to stop and not be so consumed with the going ons of life.

If anything having Savannah has showed me how much I love being a mom. I am so blessed to be at home to really invest in their lives. I can't imagine doing anything else.