Saturday, October 3, 2009

What you do . . .

What you do when you need to get the laundry out of the dryer and the baby just can't wait two more minutes for you to pick him up. Thank goodness for the brilliant ideas that pop out of your head when you are desperate for a solution. Jackson seemed to enjoy the new environment.

Flag Football

Today the feel of fall is in the air and Jacob is off into his first season of flag football. Oh, how I love to cheer this boy on. It is so much fun watching, taking pictures, and watching the boys have a good time working as a team. Here are just a few pictures from our morning. What I am sad to say that I didn't catch is Jacob doing his "Kung Fu" moves out on the field between plays. He made a great flag catch and seems to enjoy the first half of the game. Second half is more about self entertainment, thank goodness for patient coaches. Can't wait until next week's practice and game!

Jacob also got a special star for this week's game. He was so proud. He said it was because he treated everyone with respect and showed a "Christ-like" attitude.

The girls also had fun because we had Patrick's oldest brother, Ward, and his wife and daughter with us. Sydney wore her picture of her brother with great pride. She even wore it to the HSU game later in the afternoon! Of course there is sweet Jackson sitting in Aunt Ann's lap. But my favorite is of Patrick trying to video tape with the two girls hanging on his legs. Poor dad can't spilt his attention three ways at once!

P.S. I uploaded all the pictures the wrong way and I am not able to redo, so here you go. All laid out wrong and driving me crazy! :)