Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We've Got Annie!

Well, we don't really have Annie but we do have an contract on our house with the option period over on April 5th! Yeah! It is amazing how much we can see God's hand all over this process. Our realtor mentioned what they have seen in the process of this whole house thing. Who could have imagined of all the houses in Abilene in our price range and we had three couples look at our house in a period of 2 weeks and get two offers within $1000 difference.

The third couple decided that the master closet was too small (which I agree) so they won't be making an offer. So now it is off to settle up with the sellers of our potential new house. With Patrick in court all day, it has been daunting to settle up with our house offers and whatever else . . . oh packing! Anyone in the mood to help?!?!? Just kidding. It does look like we will file our taxes and then move the boxes that weekend to our new house. Our celebration of our neice's Kimberly's 17th birthday . . . okay maybe a card might be appropriate along with that.

Too bed . . . to bed I go before I get any sillier!
P.S. Pat didn't get the Annie thing, he was deprived of the movie as a preteen boy. But I have recently been reminded of how much I loved it in 1982 since I have just recently purchased the dvd from Target. Oh, the glory years.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a Day!

Okay, so how often does your day get this exciting? I first found out around lunch that I was going to show the house to a couple who was doing a second look see. This is our second couple who seems to be interested in our house. So got that ready, went to pick up the kids and what do you know. Good Old Darcie Dupree of NBC wants my opinion on school bus saftey. Remember I have just been cleaning my house for a showing then decided to walk to get the kids while it's somewhere around 80 outside. So much for my glamour moment. Maybe there will be link I can post later . . . oh, the anticpation!

Then, we get home from soccer practice only to find out that we have our first offer on our house! Wahoo!!! Then Patrick goes to check out the house we want to buy with our realtor to look at a couple of things we found in the inspection, and we got another offer!! How crazy is that? I am so overwhelmed with the possiblities tomorrow has in store, so I thought I would post all the excitement on my blog and maybe it will settle me down so I can actually sleep. I was just asking God for one person to fall in love with my house, who would imagined TWO!!!!

So, am so thankful that God is in control of all the aspects of my life. That even these details are in His plan! I can not wait to see what the future has in store! My life seems to be in the fast lane. God is good all the time . . . even if this house thing goes in a different direction, it is good to know He has His best for me already in the works. I just hope I don't miss it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

It is hard to believe that we are about to celebrate Savannah's 1st birthday. With all the fun that comes with a new season, life seems to keep going at a fast pace. We are still so busy trying to take care of a house on a the market and soccer and who knows what else. But the best part of this day to day living is that amazingly(not suprisingly) God gives me what I need for the day. Not for tomorrow, but what I need today.

We were driving around on Sunday and happened upon a house that was not even listed up for sale. It had a sign in the yard and no pictures for viewing yet. So Patrick and I checked it out on Tuesday while we were together for lunch. This appears to be the right house for us, as far as the location, size, price, and most of those other important details that matter. As much as I am excited about this house, especially after the one I thought was for us sold, I know that we are pursuing what God wants for our lives and that may include this house and it may not. As of right now we have a contract offer on the table based on us selling our house, yet I know whatever the decision I know I can trust God to have my best interest at hand.

Trusting God no matter what has been a lesson I feel like I am required to surrender to daily. I love writing this down so I too can look back and remind myself of God's faithfulness. Now this house thing is not as big of deal as some things I walk through, but important to me none the less. I am so thankful that God cares genuinely all parts of my life! I don't deserve a stitch of the blessings He has given me. Thank you Lord for your goodness!