Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Introducing . . . Jackson Barrett Fogle

We had our official sonogram by the perinatologist(I think that is his title) to make sure that all is looking good and to find out what sex our little one is. It is definitely a boy and we are thrilled, especially Jacob and Sydney. I love to tell the kids the new name so we can start making him a part of the family before we ever get to see him. So my sweet husband humors me by getting a name picked out quick (in his opinon we still have many more months to decide.

Jackson has always been a favorite of mine . . . maybe my love of Steel Magnolias, but I can never be sure . . . and I love having passing on a part of my family. I joked with my dad about his name not being something I would jump at the chance to attatch to my child, besides how many other Elmer Foys can there be? He is truly not duplicatable. So, why not the true family part of the family name. My maiden name is now forever attatched to a Fogle. It has been funny that I have been the one to come up with the boys' names so quickly and Patrick has been so particular on both of the girls' names. Very interesting! What is fun is when we decide together that what name we like!

I am letting you get a look at the face I am sure to love once he is born. Right now he still looks a little like an alien to me. Does that sound right coming from a mother? We are entering the phase where he is starting to try and claim some space in my ever growing body. The fun begins!

P.S. Sorry Mom that there has not been a Susan Gayle . . . maybe your grandchildren will treat you better than your daughter! At least one looks like you!


Rebekah said...

What a great name. I'm glad I checked your blog to discover it...clever.

Cindy said...

Crazy girl! You couldn't tell me when you HAD me on the phone????