Monday, August 18, 2008

Fogle Family Fun

We always knew how much Patrick had wanted his own recording studio, and he pretty well has set one up for himself in our playroom. We moved the twin bed out the room and he decided he had big plans for that corner.

I went to a shower for a friend on Saturday and came home to Sydney telling me all about how she got to sing with daddy. So after dinner we all headed up the for a Fogle Show. They had so much fun and their voices are so precious to hear! If I can figure out to imbed a video I will post them in their debut. Until then, enjoy some photos from the fun!

Jacob having fun singing "Every Man".

Sydeny singing "Cinderella".

This is sort of random, but wanted to share that the fear of bugs has been broken in our family! My youngest is so fearless she will out a huge one in her mouth! How far God has brought our family!(no bugs were harmed in this photo. . .it is plastic) :)